Beginning Web Marketing?

Every day the web is increasing and developing, and it really is a fantastic place to promote your offerings, without having to venture out into the wide world, no travel, no cost, in fact you don’t even have to leave your sofa if you don’t want to. How else can you advertise to the whole world?

Selling online can seem like a daunting task, but it really isnt as frightening as it first seems. Whether you wish to market an item or you need to supply a service, your target market cans raise by an enormous number by entering the online marketing world, you would be dumb to miss out!

Ensure you have a clear concise plan in place before you begin.


Like any job, it is crucial that you have a definite strategy setting out exactly what you wish to achieve, how you will achieve it and what your main aims are.

Your strategy should contain;

Who you will target – it is necessary to fully understand the market that you intend to reach, It is pointless trying to sell a product to someone who has no need or want for the product, so make sure you know who will want to buy your product or service and concentrate your efforts on targetting them.
Unless your merchandise is pretty exceptional, you will need some kind of USP (unique feature), whether you are providing something more affordable than your competition, or something with greater attributes, or something user customisable, whatever it’s you have to have an original selling point.

Much of your e-marketing can be done all on your own, for free (besides your time!) but some matters are more complicated and you would certainly be better finding a professional marketing company such as Online Marketing Calgary who can deal with the more specialized aspects.

Create a Web Site – The number-one priority is a simple, user friendly web site which you can use to promote your product or service on the web. Ensure your site clearly shows what you do, what you sell, and why your competitor should purchase from you rather than your competitors.

If you have all of the above and treat your customers, prospective customers, and past customers well, then your business should grow and you should hit your goals.

Android TV boxes have won the race to bring HBO streaming to a TV near you. Android and Roku both stream media over the internet, however HBO have announced that HBO Now is coming to Android TV, alongside other popular networks which Google have announced will soon be joining Play store.

Google’s announcement included Showtime, CBS (via CBS All Access), Disney Movies Anywhere, WWE, UFC, Epix, and of course HBO.

This fills in a huge gap in the Android TV market, revolutionising the way we watch TV. You’ll be able to watch all of your favourite HBO shows any time you wish, gone are the days of missing a show or forgetting to record it, and wondering what had happened when you watch the next epsiode.

With the likes of Hulu being unable to bring much of this content to Android due to the broadcast networks wishing to develop aplications of their own, many people felt left out in the cold when it came to their favourite TV series’ and were reluctant to move solely to Android TV, but that’s no longer a concern.

Gone are the days where the only way to watch the latest movies and TV shows was to purchase an expensive cable or satellite TV package, with masses of people migrating to Android TV either via  a smart TV sets or an Android TV Box every day, the TV world is certainly changing, and people are saving money – how long will it be before streaming TV services become the dominant force when it comes to watching television? We’re not sure – but we do believe it will happen one day, sooner or later.

It’s official, Google Panda is now part of the core ranking algorithm – so updates to Panda will not be structured as they have been in the past. We’re not certain exactly when it happened, but we can confirm that it has indeed happened.

Gary Illyes, a spokesman for Google has confirmed that Panda’s overall site ranking signals have become part of the core ranking algorithm. Panda ranks the quality of a website, which means websites with poor quality content, or even usability, can be ranked accordingly.

The days of Google announcing updates to Panda are most likely gone, which means we may see sudden changes to rankings which we weren’t expecting, and can’t be explained by an update, as we just won’t be aware of it.

Whilst we’re uncertain when this happened, we knew it was coming and we suspect it happened late in 2015, most likely during December, although it was a staggered rollout so it may have began somewhat earlier than this.

Whilst investigating the latest update we came to the conclusion that the real time updating functionality we’re waiting for is not yet here, so it sounds like that will be included in a future update, whether we’ll be told when it’s happened or not is yet to be seen.

A Tweet from Gary Illyes appears to confirm our suspicions on this one.

If you’ve seen massive drops in rankings (or indeed favourable movement which is out of the norm) then you’ve likely been affected by the Panda update – if you’ve dropped out of the rankings it may be worth calling in the services of someone such as SEO consultants – The SEO game is only going to get trickier as time goes by!

After 6 months, Windows 10 has finally passed Windows XP in terms of market share. As of January, Windows 10 had been installed on 11.9% of PCs across the globe, surpassing the 11.4% of machines running Windows XP.

This is a significant increase on the 10.4% of systems which are running Windows 8.1, showing that Windows 10 has been an excellent success.

Windows 10 is already installed on over 200 million devices, spanning across PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets, which makes it the fastest expanding version of Windows ever.

With computer repairs in Dublin and throughout Ireland keeping older devices alive,  people are looking to freshen up their operating system and making the jump from XP, Vista and Windows 8 to Windows 10,  and seeing a speed increase, we can see many more adopting this new operating system in the near future.

Microsoft are looking to have over 1 billion devices using Windows 10 by 2018, and at the current rate that is certainly a realistic goal.

Perhaps the biggest factor in Windows 10s growth speed is their upgrade scheme, which seen users of Windows XP and Windows 8 allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, however, the return to the more recognised start bar and desktop format will also have been a large factor.

Windows 10 is also the first version to include modern features such as the Cortana virtual assistant, with both voice and text input, it is very similar to Siri over on Apple based devices.

The growth of Windows 10, and the fact that it has now passed Windows XP is a huge milestone, as Windows XP is now over 14 years old, and stopped providing updates several years ago, yet more than 1 in 10 computers worldwide are still running XP.

Microsoft believe that businesses who skipped the much frowned upon Windows 8 will finally take the plunge moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 which will increase the speed of the latest Microsoft Operating System’s growth.

If you have a project which requires the hire of a crane, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of different types of crane available for hire, so it is important that you know exactly what each type of crane should be used in your situation. The main function of a crane is to lift large, heavy weights from the ground, usually over or onto a high structure – the lifting and moving is controlled by levers or controls in the cab. Whilst many modern cranes look like a simple machine, some of them are extremely high tech, but still share the same principles as they did almost 2000 years ago when the Romans used makeshift cranes to aid their building.

Perhaps the most common type of crane is the mobile crane – The mobile crane is generally a telescopic boom style which is mounted onto the rear of a large lorry or truck so it can be moved around, not only on site, but to and from sites – these cranes are excellent for general jobs, but can also be used to aid the construction of larger static cranes. They are generally built to be able to drive on the road, so are a great option for inner-city works.

Mobile cranes can also be used for demolition jobs, the hook on the end can be replaced/changed to a wrecking ball, or a wrecking bucket depending on what is required for the job at hand. Lorry based cranes can be driven almost anywhere, although for rough terrain you may wish to hire a crane with a caterpillar style base. The lorry mounted crane will have hydraulic outriggers which are extended to keep the crane stable whilst in use. Cranes that are on caterpillar style tracks are designed for rough terrain and are not generaly used on the road, they look and work just like caterpillar style JCB/Diggers.

Loader cranes, similar to grab trucks are small hydraulic boom arms which are mounted to the back of tipper style lorries and are used for loading or unloading the truck they are mounted to. You may see these delivering building supplies such as sacks of sand or concrete, and are mostly used for this type of work as they do not have a very high or long reach.

You may also have heard of floating cranes, these are generally used in shipping works, or sometimes for the recovery of ocean salvage – they can also be used in the construction of oil or gas rigs at sea, these are mounted on floating platforms, and can be hired from specialist companies – however this isn’t generally something a member of the public would hire, with the hire companies favouring specialist companies who have a requirement for such cranes.

Chances are you have seen the final common crane type – the tower crane, these are the large, constructed cranes which you see on the skyline when a large building or skyskcraper, these are generally built with the help of a mobile crane hire, which will come in and build the tower crane and then carry on to it’s next job.

Tower cranes are the most powerful but also the least mobile of cranes – they are moved in pieces by truck, and need assembled and disassembled every time you wish to move them, not ideal for a small project, but almost always the best solution for a large scale building project which requires high lifting of materials and parts.

Which type of crane do you need? Probably a mobile crane – from the likes of crane hire London, unless you’re building the next skyscraper in Canary Wharf!