CBS, Disney, Showtimg, HBO and Many Others come to Android TV

Android TV boxes have won the race to bring HBO streaming to a TV near you. Android and Roku both stream media over the internet, however HBO have announced that HBO Now is coming to Android TV, alongside other popular networks which Google have announced will soon be joining Play store.

Google’s announcement included Showtime, CBS (via CBS All Access), Disney Movies Anywhere, WWE, UFC, Epix, and of course HBO.

This fills in a huge gap in the Android TV market, revolutionising the way we watch TV. You’ll be able to watch all of your favourite HBO shows any time you wish, gone are the days of missing a show or forgetting to record it, and wondering what had happened when you watch the next epsiode.

With the likes of Hulu being unable to bring much of this content to Android due to the broadcast networks wishing to develop aplications of their own, many people felt left out in the cold when it came to their favourite TV series’ and were reluctant to move solely to Android TV, but that’s no longer a concern.

Gone are the days where the only way to watch the latest movies and TV shows was to purchase an expensive cable or satellite TV package, with masses of people migrating to Android TV either via  a smart TV sets or an Android TV Box every day, the TV world is certainly changing, and people are saving money – how long will it be before streaming TV services become the dominant force when it comes to watching television? We’re not sure – but we do believe it will happen one day, sooner or later.

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