Panda is now part of Google’s core ranking algorithm

It’s official, Google Panda is now part of the core ranking algorithm – so updates to Panda will not be structured as they have been in the past. We’re not certain exactly when it happened, but we can confirm that it has indeed happened.

Gary Illyes, a spokesman for Google has confirmed that Panda’s overall site ranking signals have become part of the core ranking algorithm. Panda ranks the quality of a website, which means websites with poor quality content, or even usability, can be ranked accordingly.

The days of Google announcing updates to Panda are most likely gone, which means we may see sudden changes to rankings which we weren’t expecting, and can’t be explained by an update, as we just won’t be aware of it.

Whilst we’re uncertain when this happened, we knew it was coming and we suspect it happened late in 2015, most likely during December, although it was a staggered rollout so it may have began somewhat earlier than this.

Whilst investigating the latest update we came to the conclusion that the real time updating functionality we’re waiting for is not yet here, so it sounds like that will be included in a future update, whether we’ll be told when it’s happened or not is yet to be seen.

A Tweet from Gary Illyes appears to confirm our suspicions on this one.

If you’ve seen massive drops in rankings (or indeed favourable movement which is out of the norm) then you’ve likely been affected by the Panda update – if you’ve dropped out of the rankings it may be worth calling in the services of someone such as SEO consultants – The SEO game is only going to get trickier as time goes by!

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