Keep your car tech alive with an extended warranty

Living in today’s world is becoming more and more expensive, and because of that more people are looking at the used car market rather than buying new. The main problem with this, is that a second hand car can have problems which may not be apparent at the time of buying it, and these can be costly to repair.

Did you know, you can protect yourself against some, or all of the cost of car repairs by taking out a car warranty?

Buying a car warranty will cover you should you have any unforeseen issues with your car, but it will not make your car unbreakable, issues can, and do still occur, it just means that when they do occur, you won’t be landed with an unmanageable repair bill.

A car warranty will cover issues with your engine, drive system and any agreed extras you have covered by your policy, but generally you will still be responsible for having your car serviced (such as oil changes, new filters, brakes and tyres) however some types of warranty may cover some of these items – it’s good to check before purchasing.

Think about what you need from a warranty – the primary purpose is to keep your car repaired should anything break, which is great, but what if your engine blows up – whilst the warranty may well cover the costs of a new engine, and fitting of the engine, your car is likely to be in the garage for some time, weeks, possibly months if they are waiting to source a replacement engine.

During the time your car is in the garage, you’re effectively left without a car, unless your warranty specifically covers a courtesy or rental car whilst yours is in for repair, this is something we would recommend you add onto your “must have” list when looking for a potential warranty supplier, you are taking out a warranty on your car to ensure it can be repaired and remain on the road, so doing without it for a month or more at a time is likely not a viable option for you.

Other extras which may be included are things such as breakdown cover, if you already pay for this separately you may be able to save some money by cancelling it and having it included with your warranty. If you’re doing this, make sure you are getting a suitable level of cover, you don’t want to break down late at night and be towed to the nearest garage and left there, breakdown cover which includes forward journey cover is best (this means that the recovery company will take you to wherever you were going as part of the service).

If your car has a lot of extra gadgets such as cruise control, satnav and reverse parking sensors, make sure these are covered under your warranty if they are important to you, otherwise these components may not be included in any warranty cover you take out, and you’ll have to foot the bill yourself.

Much like car insurance, do your research first before you decide on the right car warranty company for you.

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