1) When there is lots of work to be done

When disaster strikes, let’s say water damage, why hire several different companies to do each little job specifically when there are companies out there that can fix more than one thing and you only have to write one check, deal with one office, and have one team of workers in your home or place of business?

2) Simplify

With one business name to remember life will be so much simpler. Instead of remembering who the sub flooring guy is, the carpet company, the people coming to fix the dry wall and the base boards. Not to mention the guys that need to be there at the beginning to dry up the water, check for mold and fix it if need be. That’s a long list of names to keep track of. Or Do a bit of research and find an amazing company that does it all.

3) A Good Team That Works Together
A team of workers that can be trusted to do solid work on any one of the jobs listed above can take time to find. Once you find them don’t you wish they could just do all the work? A group of individuals who work well together can accomplish quite a bit. With the right amount of training and hard work an impressive multi-service repair team can be built. This is what has happened with A-1 Cleaning by Happe.

4) Knowledge. Both Yours and Theirs.

You need to have the knowledge of how often the people you are hiring are trained. Continuing education is a key part of the service and repair industry. With things changing and improving so often the people responsible for handling new machinery need to have the proper training and knowledge.

5) Complete Restoration
To have a job done completely is a rare thing to find with only hiring one company. It can be done though. To walk in when the issue is first presented gives the company a good view of all the issues at hand. Also it avoids complications with other companies doing work that might not line up with the next team’s strategies.

6) A fluid time line

When one business is handling everything from start to finish you will not have to worry about when to schedule the next repair company to come in. They will be able to plan it all out on their own with little to no stress to you! Imagine the stress of waiting for the team removing the water to finish their job in time for the mold specialist to come in and evaluate. Then the dry wall people to come install their part, and then the flooring people. One company will make it all so smooth!

7) Solid References.
To be able to have references of only one company and to be able to trust those references for the total package would be so much better then tracking down the references for so many companies to fix one disaster!

8)One Price Tag!

The price of all this work broken down with six different companies will add up quickly. With the use of only one company you are certain to get a lower price. The company knows you are hiring them for a spectrum of jobs and can offer you lower prices because you are giving them guaranteed hours of work and they will be able to get supplies at a lower price for you!

9) An End Product That Matches Throughout

Although all the tasks are different things in the same area having the work done by one company will give you a seamless look and feel. The craftsmanship behind the work will be continuous. Really it is a good thing if you can find the right company to do the work from beginning to end.

10)Trusting Relationships

Once you have agreed upon a course of action with the company you choose you should feel comfortable with people who will be working in your space. To the point that you might even know them by name and a little bit about them. Good business is built upon solid relationships with the customers.