Why Can’t I Cash Out On Bet365? An Insight Into The Common Problems & Issues Faced By Customers

Bet365 added the functionality to their website in 2012 that allows customers to cash out bets. Several rival bookmakers like Betfair, William Hill and Paddy Power had already invested in the technology required that lets punters withdraw from a pending bet and take whatever amount of money the bookie is offering them.


The bet365 cash out features offers players an amount that they can cancel a bet for and not let it run. This is popular with multiple bets like accumulators, where punters may be waiting on a few more results and don’t have the nerve to let the bet run its course until the end. This obviously comes at a cost, as players are regularly cashing out bets that will then go on and win. Whilst the player may think they did a good job, the reality is that bet365 are taking profit that they would not have had in the first place, effectively lowering the value of the player’s bets to the point where the player will fail to be profitable over a long term. To be successful in gambling, players must place bets at value. Cashing out bets is the same as placing bets that are under-priced – the bookie will always balance their books and the customer will always be at the detriment to the shock upsets.


An Explanation Of How The Slider Works


Bet365 have a slider that gives customers the ability to partially cash out a bet. This slider can let a customer choose what percentage of the bet they wish to cash out, and leave some behind to see what would have happened had they not cashed out. It satisfies the nervous yet curious customers that verge on the edge of being risky, yet need the funds in order to survive another day of sports betting. By using the slider bet365 will swallow up more value, giving the customer a worse potential return on any bet that goes on to win.


Why Cash Out Can Occasionally Disappear


Cash out values can vary and the feature can disappear completely. Cash out usually disappears when goals are scored, red cards are given, penalties are awarded, or some form of major event in a  sports match that Bet365 wouldn’t want players to be able to capitalise on. At times of malfunction, the cash out will be removed from the Bet365 website to prevent any errors or frustration on the customers behalf. James at CompareTheBets has written an incredibly detailed guide showing how cash out works and why disallowed goals can sometimes momentarily affect the cash out value. It provides a much better insight into how cash out works and example cash out scenarios that would increase or decrease the cash out value on offer.


Strategy And Poor Decision Making


Cashing out bets is a poor strategy, as mentioned earlier, cash out is giving the bookmakers the edge – as customers are receiving poor value. It is the same as placing bets at odds that are less than they should be. Over a long term period customers will not be profitable with their sports betting strategy if they regularly cash out bets that go on to win.


How To Withdraw Money From Cashed Out Bets


Cashed out bets will add the funds back to the players valance immediately. The funds can then be withdrawn through the desktop site, mobile site or by using the Bet365 app. Customers simply need to click/tap services, bank and then withdraw. Enter the amount required for withdrawal and submit the form. Withdrawals are normally processed within three working days, or quicker if a payment processor like Paypal or Skrill was chosen.

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